Electroniques (Felixstowe) Ltd data         All photos copyright John Mills, last updated 27 Dec 2009 There is still considerable interest in Amateur Radio related products manufactured in the 1960's by Electroniques (Felixstowe) Ltd. The company was started by the late Ron Wilson G4RW in 1958/1959 and soon grew in size offering the amateur radio enthusiast a hitherto untapped source of new radio components. Up to then most Hams were busy modifying ex - WW2 surplus military equipment. After many successful years, the company was sold to STC in 1964 who continued with the products until ceasing production around 1970. The company is often also known as Electronique Techniques - I am not sure exactly when or where the name change happened.   Indeed many new old stock (NOS) parts are regularly being found on EBay. Having encountered great difficulties tracking down data for ET products, I decided to start looking for sources of data, after appeals for help, I now have been sent scans and data sheets from various people, who's names I have acknowledged on the pages they helped with. There is still a long way to go on the ET product range, so if you have anything you wish to contribute it will be well received.   I have taken the data and presented it in the same wording and layout as near as possible to the original. This also means I have kept the original terminology and units. I hope this adds to the interest !! See the "Nostalgia" section for an early advert as well. Select the additional menu bars on the left to open a new page detailing the selected data.