Welcome to the updated Milair2010 website Since my last website update in 2006, much more has changed in the world of electronics, none more so than the growth of in car GPS systems. For this reason this revised site has lost a lot of no longer needed data from the GPS section. The projects are still there for those using hand held GPS units along with the appropriate software, but it seems pointless now having lists of UK Motorway Junctions when every car satnav has built in maps showing these. I am therefore trying to expand the other sections more with data that is still sadly missing on the internet, and with small projects I have made myself.  The main menus at the top take you to the appropriate topic subject, whilst the links on the left take you straight to the more popular areas within specific topics. Have fun and let me know what you like or dislike about the site. Any data on related subjects is always gratefully received. Contact me All photos copyright John Mills, last updated 13 August 2011